iMet-54 Research

The iMet-54 Research is based on the synoptic iMet-54 radiosonde however comes with a communications port to the radiosonde allowing the connection of external sensors whose data can be transmitted along with the standard radiosonde data.

External sensor examples :

  • EN-SCI Ozonesone (link)
  • EN-SCI En-SCI Cryogenic Frost Point Hygrometer (link)

Standard iMet-3 sensors:

GPS receiver (Altitude/Wind)

Type C/A code, 12 Channel
Tracking Continuous
Update rate 1Hz
Acquisition Time 50 seconds (cold start)
Position accuracy 10m
Wind velocity accuracy 1.0M/s
Altitude accuracy 15m


Type Bead Thermistor
Range -95°C to +50°C
Accuracy ±0.2°C
Resolution <0.01°C
Response time 2 seconds @ 1000hPa


Type Capacitive
Range 0% to 100% RH
Accuracy 5% RH
Resolution 0.1% RH
Response time 2 seconds @ 25°C
60 seconds @ -35°C

Pressure (optional)

Type Piezoresistive
Range 2 to 1070 hPa
Accuracy 0.5 hPa
Resolution <0.01 hPa
Response Time <1.0 seconds