The iMet-54 is a low cost, high accuracy GPS radiosonde operating in the 403MHz frequency band:

Advanced Sensor Technology:

  • Capacitive Polymer Humidity with integrated heater for short response at low temperature/high altitude.
  • The humidity is immune to icing
  • Micro Glass Bead Thermistor Temperature – very small mass for extremely fast response. Reflective hydrophobic coating for immunity to solar radiation and super cooling.
  • SI traceable sensor calibration
  • Highly sensitive GPS provided unparalleled accuracy of wind and altitude reporting.
  • ETSI certified telemetry transmitter provides error free data transmission without interference. Forward-error correcting including interleaving provides fault correction for virtually 100% data transmission.

Extremely Simple use:

  • Enclosed dry lithium battery does not need prior connection. A simple on switch activates the radiosonde
  • Unlimited transmission frequency within the meteorological band (400 to 406 MHz)
  • No pre-flight recalibration required – all sensors are 100% factory calibrated.
  • Auto launcher ready
  • Compact and light weight – 65x30x245mm and only 80grams.
  • Reduced environmental impact

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Ordering Information:
Stock Number Product Code Frequency Product Description
5506000400 IMET-54-AA.02 403MHZ GPS radiosonde
5506000300 IMET-54-AB.01 403MHZ GPS radiosonde with added pressure

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